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Postpartum Support 

THE 4th TRIMESTER!! Postpartum Care is a very important aspect of after Birth. This is a birthing parents time to heal, recover, receive nourishment, care and REST. Alot of parents often feel guilty during the postpartum stage for needing additional help. IT IT OKAY!! you birthed a whole human being, your body needs TIME to recover! Let your doula take some of the pressure off of you by allowing you to rest comfortably so you can be at your best for your baby! 

BEGINNINGS- Postpartum Support value $250 includes: ​

  • (3 hour) visit: Day after Discharge - Breastfeeding/ lactation support feeding positions/ swaddling techniques, safe sleep instructions 

  • Birth recovery check, herbal tea & V-steam Sitz Bath. Bengkung Belly Binding

  •  home assistance (light cleaning, basic meal prep, sterilization baby items, infant clothes wash 

**Customize packages are available**

OVERNIGHT hours are available if needed. 

WELCOME HOME investment $200 includes: 

  • Room Decoration for returning mom and baby

  • Baby Item sterilization

  • Welcome home balloons

Mommy Care Package $100 Value:

  • Rebirth gift set (items chosen based on preference) 

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All packages are customizable to the families needs and wants