"Full Spectrum Doula "

Ra'Keeya Shantel, BSW, CLC
Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner

You're reading this, so Spirit has guided you to my website. WELCOME TO GB!!

MISSION STATEMENT: "Nurture the seeds, Flourish the garden" GB is on a mission  to provide nurturing  and evidenced based care to families during ALL of life's Cycles from the womb to the Tomb. 

Ra'Keeya, Hebrew for "Barrier between Heaven and Earth". Divinely guided to this path of Birth keeper. As an Intuitive, Empathic & skillful divine feminine  it is a value of mine that BIPOC families are supported through the pregnancy journey with intentional care. I DOULA because black women are 3-4 times likely to die from pregnancy and child-birth related complications. Studies have shown that having a doula resent during childbirth results in the birther being less likely to request pain medication, reduces the need for Cesarean delivery and more likely to initiate breast/chest feeding after birth. Having a doula makes your birthing process a positive experience. DOULAS are NEEDED!

"I'm the keeper of Space, as I provide you valuable information to make the best informed decisions for your birth.  This world isn't designed to nurture the many transitions and cycles that Life has in stored for us. Every new transition deserves to be handled with care, guidance and nurturing support. Its time for Melanted Wombyn to be heard, cared for, supported and reminded that they are not alone!

 Educational background: Bachelors degree in Social Work from Morgan State University with over 7 years of professional experience in case management servicing women and children with chronic conditions and serious emotional disturbances.  



Mama Doula's Baby Garden


"Birth is Spiritual"

Through every new level of your path the lessons of the past "birth" a new you. The challenges of life (contractions) will push (labor) you into a new form. New perspectives, new values, new beliefs, new experiences, to create and shape new energetical, physical, emotional and mental new beginnings. Let's enter these new beginnings.... Gently B!