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"Birth~ Rite " Birth Support

"Mothering the Mother"

The Birthing person needs love too! As your doula I coach you through labor/delivery by providing emotional, mental & physical support.  My purpose in your birthing space is to empower your birth with positive affirmations, pain management techniques, comfort measures, extended support for members of your birthing team and safe keeper of birthing space.  

Phoenix Birthing- Birth Investment   $1,111 includes: 

(3) Prenatal Visits -

  • (1) visit - birth preferences, baby's first care plan 

  • (2nd visit) Stages of Labor & comfort measures

  • (3rd visit) Breastfeeding & infant care or Mothers Blessing Ceremony 

  • unlimited phone/text/email support 

  • Support for duration of Labor (over the phone support during early labor and joining in person when physical support is needed. 

  • Pain Management/Relief Support

  • Labor and Delivery support

  • Postpartum- (2 visits) In home  breast/chest lactation feeding support,  processing of birth, herbal postpartum steam/tea "home mental check" 

**Payment Plans Available**


  • Early Laboring Support in home as needed. (virtual or in person)

  • Labor/Delivery support at birthing center or hospital beginning 6 centimeters

  • Postpartum support: After Birth (1hour ) "Golden Hour" initiation of Breastfeeding, Parental Check, Birth photos

  • (2 hours) in home : Breastfeeding care, Birth recovery, herbal tea & V-steam Sitz Bath. Bengkung Belly Binding


All packages are customizable to the families needs and wants